Becoming the Human Crystal

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A six month, fully facilitated, online journey in personal spiritual growth and healing

 Spiritual growth is about becoming who you truly are.

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What You'll Learn ...

Personal Growth & Healing

Nothing in your life has been a mistake, and there has been no wasted time. Everything in this life has led you closer to your soul’s goals and intentions-- even (and sometimes, especially) the hard stuff. Your life experiences help you to understand what you are here to do and how best to cultivate your skills and abilities to do it. In the BHC program, you will use your unique life experiences, problems, issues and victories, to understand yourself more fully and to discover your soul's intended path.

With a rigorous schedule of proprietary guided meditation technologies, you’ll learn to discover any unintegrated experiences or energy patterns-- from this life or others-- that may be holding you back. You’ll learn powerful and effective ways to remove these patterns and blockages from your human crystal so that more light can shine in and shine out!

The deep inner work is worth the rewards of knowing yourself, and loving yourself, more completely.

Crystals & Stones

Natural crystals and stones are vital tools in the Becoming the Human Crystal program. Through the course exercises and meditations, you learn to utilize stones as energy markers that help you to pinpoint those aspects of self that are in need of healing and integration. You’ll also engage them as allies and mentors, learning to receive their messages and guidance through your personal psychic channel.

In the process, you’ll unlearn some of the more common crystal myths that may stand in the way of effective stones use. The course materials help you to understand both the science and spirit of stone energies, and to engage them in a way that ensures you receive their highest benefits.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a set of 25 crystals and healing stones that you have worked with intensely, and that speak to you in a way that goes way beyond what you would get from a book. They will not only be effective healing tools; they will be your friends and teachers.

Intuitive Awareness

Humans are not becoming Light Beings; they already are Light Beings! Our nervous system and physiology have evolved to be incredibly sensitive to photonic energy and the information it carries. This sensitivity is inherent in every single one of us, but sometimes it takes practice and training to be able to access and interpret it consistently. If you already use your intuitive abilities consistently, the BHC program will help you to use them more effectively.

If you don’t believe that you are psychic, or are frustrated with your current ability to access your intuitive abilities, you’ll find the exercises and meditations in this course to be excellent training in helping you to be more conscious of the subtle information carried by light.

Throughout the course, you will be connecting with your guides and developing a clearer and more powerful relationship with them. These guides will continue to work with you for as long as you choose, and will form the basis for your personal healing team.

Natural Healing Forces

The elemental forces of nature are key frequency sets used by the body and spirit to heal and maintain energy balance. Everyone has an inherent elemental makeup, which includes your gifts and abilities, and challenges and deficits. These elemental energy patterns affect how you experience your reality and how you create it.

In the BHC program, you will learn to identify your elemental gifts and challenges and recognize how to bring the elemental forces into a more dynamic balance. You’ll explore how these elemental imbalances may be manifesting through your human crystal and your life experience, and which stones and energies to use to restore them. This knowledge can be utilized long after the course has ended, as you create a personal healing plan that can be perpetually renewed for continual healing and growth.

In the process, you’ll cultivate your relationship with your elemental guides, and program your elemental guardian stones for self-healing and meditative use.

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I learned more in the first lesson of this course than I did in the whole of the other trainings I’ve done put together.

Jacquie P., Australia

I didn’t understand about energy healing, spiritual growth, psychic development and of course crystals!

Deborah H., Ontario


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